About the GSLAU

            The Greater St. Louis Association of Umpires has been around since 1939, making it the oldest umpires association in the Metropolitan St. Louis area. We currently have 250+ members living and working within a 50 mile radius of St. Louis County.  Through the hard work of are members we currently have 4 members finishing this season in the minor leagues. The GSLAU has placed more members in professional baseball than any other association. We also have 10 members who have, or are currently working in the Frontier League.

            We currently service the following high school conferences for both baseball and softball. St. Louis Suburban North, Suburban South, Suburban West high, all the Gateway Athletic Conference, 4 out of 5 Metro Catholic schools, and the entire AAA conference. In addition 98 % of all high schools games played in the in the St. Louis Metro area are umpired buy the GSLAU. In total, we service in the spring over 75 high schools and make over 10,000 plus assignments during the spring and fall high school season.

    During the summer we schedule all officials for the 9th District, and a few 11 and 13 District teams. We schedule all Metro Collegiate, The St. Louis Forever League games as well as, all St. Louis Amateur Baseball Association games. These leagues account for an additional 5,000 assignments over the summer


What we can do for you:

            The GSLAU currently uses the Arbiter software for scheduling. As with all the other leagues that we service this will allow you an up to the minute conformation of all games scheduled. This is done by:

1)    Each head coach or manager will be able to access the schedule and umpire assignments online.

2)    E mail reminders are sent out for each game 3 days ahead of the scheduled game day

3)    Email notification is sent on any, time change, site change, rainout, or cancelation.

4)    If desired 1 check can be written for a tournament and officials will be paid by the GSLAU. This is very helpful if a tournament uses multiple sites.


About assignments:

The GSLAU operates with having a scheduling assignor who is responsible in entering allschedules, team contact information, and is your direct contact for any concern or issues that maycome up during the season. That individual is Bill Buchanan. Bill will be working very closelywithBrian Brasher. Brian will be in charge of issuing assignments to the umpires. By handling assignments in this manner it allows you immediate contact to Bill Buchanan at any time, since he works for the Ft. Zumwalt School District and has summers off.

         We as an organization try to have all assignments completed two weeks or more ahead of time. This allows both the GSLAU and you more flexibility in making a change if one is needed.

         Scratches can be made of an umpire and are taken and entered into the Arbiter software. We limit the number of scratched officials to 3 per team. This allows the assignor a little more flexibility in getting the correct individuals on the right game.

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